Thursday, February 11, 2010


Paul Cervenka, award-winning Puget Sound-area home brewer (pictured at left), is in West Seattle today brewing his Pro-Am Imperial IPA together w/ our Lead Brewer, Dan Ashley.

Last time we brewed this back in 2008 we managed to squeeze out about 8% ABV. If all goes as planned, we should get there again this time around.

Thanks to Paul for taking part in this project (brew #3). We look forward to pouring this beer in both of our pubs and maybe in March at Cask Fest too!

Viva the home brewers!


Paul said...

I had a great time brewing with Dan today, and really appreciate Elliott Bay for supporting the homebrewing community and giving me this opportunity. Thanks Doug and Dan!

Mo said...

Paul, congratulations on another batch of your great IIPA. Let's hope that it makes it to the Cask Fest!

Zack said...

I'm a big fan of the Pro-Am IPA. It will be good to see it back on tap.

BGramer said...

Congratulations Paul! I look forward to trying this beer.