Saturday, February 20, 2010

Batch #1000 Brewed in West Seattle!

We reached a milestone at our West Seattle pub, where we brewed our 1000th batch on 02.19.10. The recipe, based on our Red von Boorian, will undergo a number of different "treatments" while in our care, including fermentation with three different yeast strains and aging on fruit in red wine barrels.

Pictured here are a few stages along the way during the brew day.

/Harvesting aerated wort from the WS brew house/

/Brewer Dan loading the van for transport to Burien/

/Unloading kegs filled with wort/

/Filling a barrel in Burien with West Seattle wort/

We'll actually ferment in this sixty-gallon barrel, eventually blending-to-taste with beer from three other oak barrels. We're not certain when any of this will be ready for release, but rest assured readers of this blog and folks tuned in to our Twitter and Facebook feeds will be the first to know!

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