Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Herbert's Release Parties

Elliott Bay will pour its version of Herbert's Legendary Cask Fest Ale at a few pre-festival events:

(1) Wed. 3/11 @ Burien Brewhouse : 3:00 PM
(2) Mon. 3/16 @ Latona Pub
(3) Thu. 3/19 @ W. Seattle Pub : 3:00 PM
(4) Fri. 3/27 @ Brouwer's Cafe

-At Latona we'll pour beside versions of Herbert's from Anacortes Brewing, Ram-Northgate, and Water Street.
-Brouwer's will feature ALL TEN of the Tenth Anniversary Herbert's beers.

1 comment:

Morisseau said...

does 'West Seattle Pub' refer to the original brewpub, or is it some cool other place I don't know about?

Also, 3/20 is a Friday, not a thursday.