Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Helles Lager Coming Soon!

The Helles [hell-us] is brewed! This most typical of Bavarian "session" lagers will grace the taps of both Elliott Bay pubs in the next week or so.

Especially in the summer, rivers of Helles are still served as a quaffing brew in liter-size glass mugs in beer halls and beer gardens all over Bavaria.
When brewed to perfection, a Helles rewards the drinker with the most sublime balance of subtle, rich, elegant maltiness and lingering hoppiness.

This recipe was brewed in West Seattle as the last in our recent series of lager-style beers. PROST!

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P. Fruit Trees said...

Hey keep us updated on when this is tapped, I wouldn't mind trying it. Note, I live in N. Seattle so I won't mind the drive to W. Seattle.