Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Artisan Dinner Prep

We are currently preparing for our upcoming Artisan Dinner here at
the Brewhouse. Here are some photos of the fellas hard at work.

Brent took on the duck confit course. He started the process
on Friday by cleaning his duck quarters and adding some base aromatics,
salts and garlic. Todd also helped get the duck ready for the confit
process. Today Brent finished up his duck and put it in the oven for
what could possibly be a 10 to 12 hour cooking process. (Slow and low,
that is the tempo. Yes, I did just reference the Beastie Boys. :) ) As
always, Brent's enthusiasm was infectious and we all enjoyed working
together on this project.

Doug is trimming up his wild King Salmon from Yakitet, Alaska. He also started the "Gravlax" process. He did a really great job and was and easy study. He learned the principles of cold-curing fish and some basic fish butchery.

See y'all Thursday!

Chef Kerry White

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