Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anniversary #13

This Friday, June 4th we're brewing "Saison de la Chance" to commemorate thirteenth years of brewing in West Seattle.

Each year we collaborate with a different brewer to come up with a unique recipe for our anniversary, celebrated during the week of the West Seattle Street Fair (a.k.a. Summerfest), July 5-11th.

This year's guest brewer is West Seattle-ite,
Jason Parker. While he's been "retired" from the local brewing scene for a number of years, Jason was the original brewer at Pike Place Brewing on Western Ave., helped start Fish Brewing in Olympia, worked at Redhook when it was in Fremont and Pyramid when they still made beer on Royal Brougham. Suffice it to say, he earned his chops "back in the day" when craft brewing was in its infancy in Seattle. He's got lots of good stories to tell too!

We're very proud to have this local brewing legend agree to work with us to develop a beer for such a momentous and auspicious occasion. The recipe incorporates some unique ingredients, our Belgian yeast strain, and possibly some different hop varieties that we've not brewed with before. The resulting beer is designed to be a genuine thirst quencher for those sunny summer days that MUST be just around the corner!

Stay tuned for photos from Friday's brew day and a sneak peek at the logo being turned in to t-shirts, tattoos, and maybe event cycling jerseys!