Friday, June 5, 2009

New Glycol System Installed in Burien

Yesterday we installed a "new used" 10 HP glycol chiller system in our Burien brewery. This piece of equipment expands our capacity to chill and control the temperature on more tanks. And since we're scheduled to receive two new fermenters in early July, the timing couldn't be better!

An interesting side note on this story is that we were able to trade our 3 HP system to Two Beers Brewing for their 10 HP unit. This came about because, as part of their move to SoDo, Two Beers just acquired a "new used" brewing system from Japan, which included the 10 HP unit. Unfortunately (for them) it required more power than they had in their building, so we offered to send them our smaller system in exchange for their 10 HP chiller. In short, everyone left the deal happy and went home with exactly the size of equipment they needed. Just another day in beer country...

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