Thursday, December 18, 2008

Smoked Beer in Bamberg

Located in the center of Bamberg, The Schlenkerla Pub, first mentioned in 1405 and run for 6th generations by the Trum family, is smoked beer mecca.

The delicious smoked
and Ur Bock pour freely from pitch-lined oak kegs into half-liter glasses. On the night we were there, the barkeep was working furiously to keep up with all the orders coming in. Amazing was the fact that this establishment has survived so long on essentially one style of beer.

dark wood and plaster interior were perfect complements to the mild smokey aroma of the Märzen and the slighly sweeter finish of the Bock. The beams, it is told, were painted with ox blood for protection and over time accounted for the deep dark color that nearly matches the hue of the beer.

Probably the coolest room in the house is the "Klause." Its arched ceilings date date back to 1310, when it served as a chapel in a Dominican monestary.

Now that's what I call ATMOSPHERE.

Visit their site for more photos and descriptions of the brewing and malting process.

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