Monday, December 15, 2008

Klostermalz Malting Operation in Frauenaurach

The Klostermalz malting facility in the Franconian town of Frauenaurach was originally a

monastery brewery built in the 1400's.

It has been operated as a malting facility by the same family for the past five generations They produce a wide range of specialty malts, including organic varieties, for a host of breweries in the region.

Their biggest customer, the Munich-based brewer Augustiner Brau, is considering entering into a partnership with Klostermalz that would guarantee their pricing and allow the malting facility to modernize its operations at a new facility in the nearby town of Erlangen

We had the good fortune to get a tour of the plant by maltster and owner Stephan Bergler (far right), a graduate of the Weihenstephan brewing university.

Afterwards we sampled the fine food and beverages at a
pub in Erlangen called Alter Simpl.

Click on the photo to check out the .5 liter "mug club" glasses with pewter lids hanging on the wall above us and left.

Here they serve the regional specialty, Nürnberger "bratwuerstla." These delicious fingerling-sized sausages were served with either potato salad or sauerkraut. The beer in the ceramic mugs was a Keller Beer from Kitzmann, Erlangen's largest brewery. The heart-shaped platters are also something you find only in this region of Franconia.

The whole experience --- the wooden plank walls, the raucous locals, the jovial owner, the snow falling outside, the engaging converstation with a brewmaster-maltster, all accompanied with good food and drink --- made this stop a real highlight of the trip.

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